Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974

D: Andrew Garfield, Robert Sheehan, David Morrissey
R: Julian Jarrold
Release: 6 February 2009 (European Film Market in Germany)
Durată: 1h 46 min
Gen: Crime, Drama

Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield) is a young crime correspondent for the Yorkshire Post writing his first article about the disappearace of 10-year-old Claire Kemplay. After some research, he begins to think that two other missing children cases are related to this one and that only one man is responsible for them. He tries to investigate two of the cases but ends involved with widow Paula Garland.

When fellow journalist Barry Gannon ends up dead under weird circumstances, Eddie really starts looking for clues and finds some interesting things on the way. This may cause him his life but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Red Riding is actually a three-part series that aired on Channel 4, in the UK and it’s based on David Peace’s novels Red Riding Quartet. Director Julian Jarrold has mostly directed TV movies, except for 2008 Becoming Jane. His filming techniques impressed me more than the story itself. He has a sudden way of changing frames, he focuses on close-ups such as finger nails or raindrops, which I really enjoyed. Can’t say much about the actors though, usual good acting, nothing special. I find Andrew Garfield and Robert Sheehan great actors but they were simply plain. As well as the others, including suffering mum Rebecca Hall.

All in all, besides from the disturbing part where Eddie reads the postmortem files and the good directing, Red Riding 1974 is not as good as I expected it to be. It’s a bit boring, nothing really happens most of the time, but I recommend it to those who enjoy conspiracy films.

Nota: 6/10

Eddie: If it bleeds, it leeds, right?

By Andreea Tancof

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